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There Is No Evil

WINNER of 15 International Festival Awards including:
Golden Bear (Best Film) - Berlinale 2020
Best Film - Seattle 2021
Audience Award - Calgary 2020
Audience Award - Philadelphia 2020
Audience Award - Sao Paulo

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Certified Fresh with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Shot in secret and smuggled out of Iran, There is No Evil is an anthology feature comprised of four intimate stories of men who are faced with an unthinkable but simple choice – to follow orders to enforce the death penalty upon others, or not. Whatever they decide, it will directly or indirectly corrode their inner selves, their relationships, and their lives. Says director Mohammad Rasoulof: “as responsible citizens, do we have a choice when enforcing the inhumane orders of despots? As human beings, to what extent are we to be held responsible for carrying out those orders? Where does the duality of love and moral responsibility leave us?” Suspenseful, mysterious, and shot through with a sense of urgency, Rasoulof’s film is an incisive look at the moral strength and inner humanity of its protagonists.

Germany| Iran | Czech Republic, 2020, 151 minutes, In Persian and German with English subtitles, Directed by Mohammad Rasoulof

  • "THERE IS NO EVIL weaves a rich, engrossing artistic tapestry that interrogates a number of the psychological, moral and cultural dimensions of executing’s a determined probe into the soul of a nation that permits so much legal bloodshed."

    —Godfrey Cheshire,
  • "[Rasoulof's] sense of drama has the revelatory power of documentary."

    —Richard Brody, The New Yorker
  • "Elegantly written and humanely acted...the film’s as compassionate as it is unsettling, and as provocative as it is poignant. THERE IS NO EVIL presents a stirringly defiant case for the importance of all life."

    —Roxana Hadidi, Austin Chronicle
  • “Pulses with humor, romance and life. Rasoulof has turned filmmaking into an act of resistance… every tale breathes."

    —Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times
  • “A major work of Iranian cinema. An enraging, enthralling, enduring testament to the oppressed."

    —Ed Frankl, The Film Stage
  • “Brilliant. A riveting thriller… each chapter involves a new angle on the emotional stakes at hand."

    —Eric Kohn, Indiewire
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