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Video Diaries of a Lost Girl

Meet the Filmmaker: Writer/director Lindsay Denniberg will be in attendance for a Q&A!

The feature film debut from writer-director (and University of Central Florida grads) Lindsay Denniberg and co-writer Chris Shields, VIDEO DIARY OF A LOST GIRL is a hypercolored dreamland that combines a love for genre film history with a gorgeous handmade aesthetic. Louise (Pris McEver) works in a video store. But she’s also a demon. A descendent of biblical demon-mother Lilith, Louise fulfills her predestined obligation to have sex with a man—and then kill him—every full moon. When she meets Charlie (Shields), a reincarnated partner from her past, Louise struggles to not do what she does best. Meticulously crafted with the use of repurposed art materials and green screen, VIDEO DIARY is a valentine to the VHS aesthetic and an exploration of personal themes via the guise of body horror. The movie was influenced by everything from LIQUID SKY to ROCKULA, from HEATHERS to DEAD RINGERS, resulting in an absurdist, experimental horror-comedy that was years ahead of its time.

2012, USA, 95 minutes, Directed by Lindsay Denniberg, Unrated

  • “A transmission from the ether that feels equally inspired by SOV trash horror, Guy Maddin films, you tube, cable erotica, video store culture and bad manners.”

    – Justin LaLiberty, VINEGAR SYNDROME
  • “Video Diary of a Lost Girl is a highly imaginative mash-up of classic horror films, midnight cult classics, German expressionism and 1920s cinema filtered through the hyper-stylistized degradation of a VHS deck with bad tape heads.”

  • “Kids, there’s no need to do drugs when movies can do drugs for you.”

    - Thomas Duke, CINEMA GONZO
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