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The Ghost of Peter Sellers

The Ghost of Peter Sellers

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The Ghost of Peter Sellers

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Certified Fresh with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

In September 1973 Peter Sellers embarked on the production of a 17th Century pirate comedy in Cyprus for Columbia Pictures (Ghost in the Noonday Sun). Sellers lost confidence with the film as soon as it began and desperately tried to sabotage it, firing the producers in the first week and then setting his sights on his friend the director, Peter Medak. At its core lies the story of an unraveling production but also the tale of a young director firmly on a path to greatness. Medak had made 3 back-to-back successes; most notably ‘The Ruling Class’ in 1972 with Peter O’Toole (nominated for the Palm D’Or). This film changed his career forever. After 43 years, the wounds have barely healed for Medak and this is his opportunity to tell the story and finally release the weight associated with its failure. The Ghost of Peter Sellers is a comic-tragic feature doc about what it takes to be a film director and survive your biggest disaster.

Cyprus, 2018, 93 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Peter Medak

  • "A nuanced portrait of a troubled, often self-destructive talent. It is quite simply one of the greatest 'making-of' documentaries of all time."

  • "Behind the scenes look nearly half a century later of a disastrous movie shoot starring Peter Sellers is fascinating to behold."

  • "Deeply entertaining and profoundly moving, 'The Ghost of Peter Sellers' offers a slice of forgotten movie history that, it turns out, is well worth remembering."

    —Christopher Llewellyn Reed, HAMMER TO NAIL
  • "This fascinating feature documentary deserves a home like TCM to reach its target audience."

    —Leonard Maltin, LEONARDMALTIN.COM
  • "This can't-take-your-eyes-off-it documentary feels like both a mea culpa and a purge of lingering affecting attempt to define a life's turning point."

  • "Turns out to be one of the more fascinating dissections of a film that failed."

    —Roger Moore, MOVIE NATION
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