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The Freshman

The Freshman


The Freshman

FREE and open to the public! Playing as a part of our KidFest Summer Camp and Movie Series.

No table reservations can be made for this event.

Harold Lloyd’s biggest box-office hit was this silent comedy gem, featuring the befuddled everyman at his eager best as a new college student. Though he dreams of being a big man on campus, the freshman’s careful plans inevitably go hilariously awry, be it on the football field or at the Fall Frolic. But he gets a climactic chance to prove his mettle—and impress the sweet girl he loves—in one of the most famous sports sequences ever filmed. This crowd-pleaser is a gleeful showcase for Lloyd’s slapstick brilliance and incandescent charm, and it is accompanied here by a new orchestral score by Carl Davis.

USA, 1925, 76 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor

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