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Spaceship Earth

2020 Florida Film Festival Official Selection

Final Week!

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Certified Fresh with 84% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Deep in the Arizona desert, there exists an enormous glass terrarium containing a miniature replica of earth’s ecosystem, called Biosphere 2. Its conception began at a countercultural commune, where an innovative group of artists, adventurers, and ecologists, forged an alliance with a Texas oil scion to create Biosphere 2 as a pilot for Mars colonization. In 1991 their spectacular project became a media sensation, when eight “biospherians” went to live hermetically sealed under the glass dome for two years. However, shortly after their mission began, the biospherians contended with ecological calamities—from food shortages to oxygen deprivation—and quickly the media’s fanfare turned to scorn. Cult accusations surfaced about the project’s management, and Biosphere 2 was labeled science fiction, instead of credible science. Director Matt Wolf trains his lens on this science-experiment-run-amok, showcasing the team whose summer-of-love-spawned best intentions culminated in one of the most interesting disasters of the early 1990s.

USA, 2020, 113 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Matt Wolf

  • “Sensational. Uncovers the goodness hidden in the debacle of Biosphere 2...a wonder to behold.”

    —Matt Patches, Polygon
  • “Fascinating...THE must-see documentary for a world living under quarantine.”

    —Roger Moore, Movie Nation
  • “A story too strange not to be true...shares many a tall tale that would be almost unbelievable were it not for the vintage"

    —Monica Castillo, The Wrap
  • “A somewhat disgraced grand scientific experiment of the early 1990s is rehabilitated in Matt Wolf’s unexpectedly lovely, engrossing documentary flashback.”

    —Dennis Harvey, Variety
  • “Bizarre...sci-fi and the counterculture blend in an involving look at the people behind Biosphere 2.”

    —John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter
  • “‘Spaceship Earth’ is this year’s ‘Apollo 11’ — a thoroughly fascinating documentary that uses archival footage to make you feel like part of a notable event.”

    —Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat
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