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Winner, Camera d’Or, Special Mention, Cannes Film Festival, 2022 

Official Submission – Japan –  ‘Best International Feature Film’ category of the 95th Academy Awards, 2023. 

 In a near dystopian future, Japan’s government launches Plan 75, a program encouraging the elderly to terminate their own lives to relieve its rapidly aging population’s social and economic burdens. In Chie Hayakawa’s remarkable and sensitive feature film debut, the lives of three ordinary citizens intersect in this new reality as they confront the crushing callousness of a world ready to dispose of those no longer deemed valuable.   

Legendary Japanese actress Chieko Baishō (Howl’s Moving Castle) stars as a 78-year-old Michi who considers signing up for the program after losing her meager but fulfilling hotel job and the means to live independently. A young Plan 75 salesman Himoru (Hayato Isomura) initially believes in the program’s benefits and serves as the human face of the program. And Maria (Stephanie Arianne), a Filipino care worker living overseas, reluctantly accepts a position with Plan 75 to send money home to her ailing daughter. On the surface, the plan and its hawkers exude a kindness that serves as the film’s chilling vision of bureaucratic indifference and our increasing loss of interconnectedness. However, Hayakawa’s view is far from grim, as these characters soon learn to fully reckon with their own lives and what it truly means to live. 

2022, 113 minutes, Japan/France/Philippines/Qatar, in Japanese & Tagalog with English Subtitles, Directed by Chie Hayakawa

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  • “It's one of the best films of the year. Tender and devastatingly unsentimental, Chie Hayakawa’s feature debut, Plan 75, is a plea for empathy and a damning indictment of a world that more and more sees people as disposable.”

    - Alex Heeney, SEVENTH ROW
  • "A great movie...tremendously touching and moving!"

    - Peter Rainer, KPCC FilmWeek
  • “Plan 75 seems to operate in a thematic zone that’s not quite satire and not quite science fiction; it falls somewhere in between, a speculative humanist-horror movie about the power of mass suggestion…”

    - Justin Chang, LOS ANGELES TIMES
  • “With stinging precision, Hayakawa Chie reveals a culture that seems almost mobilized to destroy its own soul.”

    - Diego Semerene, SLANT MAGAZINE
  • “This is an ultra-delicate whisper of a drama... And yet the anger that fringes such bittersweet moments gradually accumulates into a palpable and lingering rage at how good we’ve become at branding cruelty as compassion.”

    - David Ehrlich, INDIEWIRE
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