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Winner, Special Recognition: Isaac Krasner of Big Boys, Wicked Queer: Boston LGBTQ Film Festival 

Jamie’s (newcomer Isaac Krasner) dream camping trip is ruined before it even begins when he finds out that his beloved cousin is bringing her new boyfriend. However, Jamie’s initial jealousy of the competent and confident Dan quickly turns into a friendship as they bond over cooking, games and both being ‘big boys’. But as the weekend progresses, despite Jamie’s brother’s attempts to set him up with a girl staying at the campsite, all Jamie wants to do is hang out with Dan. As his burgeoning crush gets him into awkward scrapes and arguments, Jamie begins to come to terms with who he is, and who he desires. Hilarious and heartwarming, Big Boys is the type of coming-of-age film we need more of in the world. – Grace Barber-Plentie, BFI FLARE 

 Join us after the screening for a live Zoom Q&A with Writer/Director Corey Sherman, Producer Allison Tate, David Johnson III (David), Taj Cross (Will), and Marion Van Cuyck (Erika), Isaac Krasner (Jamie).

2023, 88 minutes, USA, Unrated, Directed by Corey Sherman

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  • “An achingly brilliant queer coming-of-age classic”

    - Ryan Gilbey, GUARDIAN
  • “An outstanding, tender, and beautiful exploration of the brief but intense moments that shape every adolescent journey”

    - Neil Baker, CINERAMA FILM
  • “[Isaac Krasner] anchors this small-scale story in authentic, often painfully raw — but never oversold — adolescent emotion, embodying the vulnerability and fear of a character on the cusp of life-changing realizations.”

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