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Los Hermanos/The Brothers

Los Hermanos/The Brothers

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Los Hermanos/The Brothers

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Certified Fresh with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Two Cuban-born brothers, both virtuoso musicians – Aldo and Ilmar López-Gavilán – live on opposite sides of the geopolitical chasm that separates the U.S. and Cuba. But although they lead very different existences, the brothers have an instinctual connection.

Following their parallel lives in New York and Havana, Los Hermanos / The Brothers offers an amazingly heartfelt – though often startling – view of estranged nations through the lens of music and family. In capturing their momentous reunion and electrifying first performances together, the film shows how family bonds can transcend politics.

Featuring an electrifying, genre-bending score composed by Aldo and performed with his brother, Ilmar, and with guest appearances by maestro Joshua Bell and the Harlem Quartet.

USA, 2020, 84 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider

  • "This endearing documentary is an Oscar-caliber film for the family and one not to be missed!"

    —Jeffrey Lyons, WCBS News Radio
  • "A remarkable film about a family ensnared in geopolitics and two brothers who lead very different lives and yet never lose their instinctual connection."

    —Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
  • "A moving documentary with generous amounts of music! Electrifying musical collaborations...in addition to the poignant sibling performances, Joshua Bell performs Aldo’s music with Aldo at Lincoln Center."

    —Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times
  • "Six months without live music will be reason enough to see these two gifted musicians reunite across borders to perform publicly for the first time. The film offers a bright take on the endurance of family despite the policies of the day."

    —WBUR, Boston Public Radio
  • "A joyful U.S. tour featuring Aldo’s blood-pumping compositions that meld jazz, classical and Latin music."

    —KQED, San Francisco Public Media
  • "Exquisite – so much poetry, heart, and exemplary craft. The editing is just sublime."

    —Rob Epstein, Two-time Oscar winner (The Times of Harvey Milk & Common Threads)
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