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South Asian Film Festival

Kacchey Limbu

US Premiere!

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, played or followed by 2.5 billion people. But it’s often a man’s game. As Bend it Like Beckham and Love & Basketball did before it, Kacchey Limbu puts a talented young woman at the center of play, sparking a contrast with much more than the final score at stake. Set in the courtyards and improvised pitches of Mumbai, this colorful comedy follows a pair of siblings who find themselves on competing cricket teams as they struggle to balance family loyalty with the pursuit of their passions. Aditi (Radhika Madan) dreams about being a fashion designer, though her father insists she study medicine. Her big brother Akash (Rajat Barmecha) drags himself to corporate job interviews, though his first and only love is cricket. When he is accepted into a new league, Aditi decides to throw her hat in the ring and start her own team, assembling a motley crew of players who don’t exactly look the part. Propelled by high-energy music and loveable characters, Kacchey Limbu is an amusing and vibrant story of teamwork and self-discovery with enough comedy and camaraderie to appeal to the whole family.

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India, 2022, 109 min, Directed by Shubham Yogi, In Hindi with English subtitles

  • “A fun little movie that is a beautiful sibling drama, truly for the whole family. It’s a light-hearted affair with amazing music and a great young cast turning in some wonderful performances.”

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