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Opening June 21

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Devastated by the loss of a child, middle-aged father Dan struggles to control his anger at work and grows distant from his grief-stricken family. When a stranger (Dolly De Leon, Triangle of Sadness) bullies him into joining a floundering community theater production of Romeo and Juliet, Dan slowly begins to reopen to life’s possibilities. With breakout performances from the real-life Kupferer family in the lead roles and a cathartic ending for the ages, this funny and bittersweet film celebrates the profound love at the heart of the deepest grief, and the pleasures of putting on a show.

2024, 115 Minutes, USA, Directed by Kelly O'Sullivan and Alex Thompson

  • "O’Sullivan has a natural storytelling gift, coupled with a knack for comedy. Here, she takes grieving families, difficult teens, small-town communities — and rearranges them into a surprising and moving narrative."

    - Peter Debruge, VARIETY
  • "A beautifully woven tale on the constructive ways that life and art reflect, propel, and imitate each other, offering human beings curious enough to welcome artistic pursuits into their lives a path forward."

    - Tomris Laffly, HARPER'S BAZAAR
  • "O’Sullivan and Thompson are aces at tucking themes, concepts, and ideas into their films that, in other directors’ hands, might feel a bit cheesy or chintzy. Instead, the duo handles them with the utmost respect and care."

    - Kate Erbland, INDIEWIRE
  • "Ghostlight bridges the gap between art & reality, blending a poignant narrative that aims to better understand a loved one & the expression of grief."

    - Mae Abdulbaki, SCREEN RANT
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