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The Lobster

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In a dystopian society, single people must find a mate within 45 days or be transformed into an animal of their choice.

2016, 118 Minutes, Rated R, Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

  • "A wickedly funny protest against societal preference for nuclear coupledom that escalates, by its own sly logic, into a love story of profound tenderness and originality."

    - Guy Lodge, VARIETY
  • "The Lobster remains strangely romantic throughout, an absurdist take on the notion that great love stories — Casablanca, The Way We Were, Gone With the Wind — don't always end tidily."

    - Steve Persall, TAMPA BAY TIMES
  • "The Lobster brings Lanthimos' distinct blend of morbid, deadpan humor and surrealism to a broader canvas without compromising his ability to deliver another thematically rich provocation."

    - Eric Kohn, INDIEWIRE
  • "If weird is what you're looking for, The Lobster is, claws down, the rom-com of the year (though possibly not one you'd want to choose for a first date)."

    - Bob Mondello, NPR
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