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Paris 1895. Pierre Louÿs is a Parisian dandy and poet on the verge of fame. Pierre and his friend Henri De Régnier are both madly in love with Marie de Heredia (Portrait of a Lady on Fire‘s Noemie Merlant), the cheeky daughter of their mentor. Despite her feelings for Pierre, Marie eventually marries Henri. Badly hurt, Pierre leaves for Algeria where he meets Zohra, a bewitching local girl with whom he shares a tumultuous relationship and a passion for erotic photography.

One year later, Pierre returns to Paris with Zohra. As soon as Marie hears the news, she rushes to see Pierre and confesses that she kept herself for him. They quickly start an affair and a game of cat and mouse between many players begins, full of desire, jealousy, and photography. 

France, 2019, 107 minutes, Not Rated, In French with English subtitles, Directed by Lou Jeunet

  • "Exploring the audacious topic of eroticism and the emancipation of a woman in the 19th century, the first feature film by Lou Jeunet is distinctive.... Noémie Merlant is excellent."

  • "Between eroticism and seduction, Lou Jeunet describes with pleasure the emergence of a woman who discovers the joys of emancipation in all its forms."

    —Avoir Alire
  • "Filled with seductive, sharp dialogue escalating the heat and leading to bed throughout the entire film, and gorgeously shot, it is an accomplished bi-character study about desire and lust, deeply involving in its depiction of male and female’s carnal interests, one of the most incendiary and efficient sexual dramas in recent memory."

    —Roger Costa, Brazilian Press
  • "It’s not just because it’s chockful of sex and nudity that Lou Jeunet’s historical literary drama avoids the potential stodginess of the genre; nearly every filmmaking choice feels like just the right one."

    —Scott Renshaw, Salt Lake City Weekly
  • "Noemie Merlant is fantastic."

    —Nathaniel Muir, AIPT
  • "Captivates with its disinhibition and subtle sensuality."

    —Janire Zurbano, Cinemania
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