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Chhota Cinema: New Indian Shorts 2020

South Asian Film Festival

Chhota Cinema: New Indian Shorts 2020


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Stream these films and then vote for the best in new Indian cinema with this year’s wonderful and diverse short film showcase. The Audience Award for Best Short Film is in your hands Florida, so help decide which of these five terrific films will capture SAFF glory!

SADAK CHAAP (Street Stamped)
On the streets of Mumbai, a young brother and sister try to raise money to buy a new soccer ball so they can play like the children they see on the other side of the fence. When they lose the money, the young boy risks everything for the ball, only to find that help comes from an unlikely hero.
USA/India, 2019, 14 min, Directed by Riddhi Talreja, In Hindi with English subtitles

Gauri and Amal are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in their little home in North Calcutta. While Gauri wishes to find her husband a special gift, it isn’t quite as simple as she thought it would be.
India/USA, 2019, 18 min, Directed by Tanvi Chowdhary, In Bengali, English, and Hindi with English subtitles 

Amandeep will never forget his time as a junior gynecologist in a government hospital in Delhi. He was conscientious, which rendered him unfit for the system. The ‘women’s ward’ was a microcosm of woman’s lot in society, and if he wanted to change things for the better, he would have to, perhaps, begin with himself.
USA/India, 2020, 20 min, Directed by Nishtha Jain and Deepti Gupta, In Hindi with English subtitles

Three Indian young professionals imagine their personas as their “coffee shop names,” the names they give baristas because their real names are hard to pronounce.
USA, 2019, 8 min, Directed by Deepak Sethi, In English 

THE BRAT (Natkhat)
Sonu is seven–the age at which children learn and imitate things from their immediate environment, and in the largely patriarchal societies of India, it’s also the age at which machismo starts getting celebrated. One evening over dinner, he casually mentions to his family about a ghastly act that he committed in school. Determined to correct his course, his doting mother Surekha (Vidya Balan) decides that she will not let Sonu go down the same path as the other men in the family. Through her bedtime stories and a son’s love for his mom, she teaches him the true virtue of equality: that between a boy and a girl, a human and an animal, and among all creations of God. THE BRAT (Natkhat) is the powerful directorial debut from Shaan Vyas, producer of The Lunchbox.
India, 2019, 33 min, Directed by Shaan Vyas, In Hindi with English subtitles

Total Runtime: 93 minutes

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