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31st Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase 2023

Brouhaha Program #2

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Written/Directed by Elena Fazio, Ringling College of Art and Design, 1 min 45 sec

Due to the cruelty of children’s birthday parties, it seems as though there is no hope for this endless cycle of piñata violence…until one day a hero arises! One piñata will lead the call for a piñata revolution, and will use whatever means necessary to save his piñata brethren.



Written/ Directed by Oliver Sulla, Ryan Orejarena, Edward Salvatierra, Produced by Primitive Digital,

University of Central Florida, 6 min 38 sec

An old children’s television show with a strange host tells the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs. As the program progresses, the host decides to tell his own personal, twisted rendition.



Written/Directed by Carol Merengwa, Produced by Nacey Fernandez & Nia Jerykah, University of Central Florida, 11 min 1 sec

A woman is awakened to the sound of her car being repoed, and she’s not about to let that happen.



Directed/Produced by Jordan Tomasello, Florida State University, 7 min 52 sec

Kari and Debbie Chin, a lesbian couple from St Petersburg, Florida, reminisce about their fight for equal parental rights and journey raising their children with the values of inclusivity and respect, while hoping for a brighter future for the LGBTQ+ community.



Written/Directed by Jonah Cuozzo, Produced by Rebecca Keenan, Regina Seabrun, Nicholas Tavaglione, Gary Samuel & Walter Harbor, Full Sail University, 6 min 26 sec

The USS Kingfisher is under attack! As the ship’s oblivious janitor, Emilio, stumbles into a gunner bay, he begins to blast the enemy spacecraft out of the sky. However, the controls jam, as it turns out Emilio is an avatar in a video game being controlled by two quarreling siblings who must learn to work together to save him from continual doom.



Written/Directed by Ling Zhao & Zhengwu Gu, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3 min 38 sec

In a dystopian world, a coal-burning robot working in a mine one day finds something that he has never seen before–a dandelion.



Written/Directed/Produced by Luke Dye, University of Tampa, 8 min 16 sec

When two brothers learn that only one of them will be able to attend college, they enlist the help of a determined young woman to make an impossible decision.



Written/Directed by Jack Yuster, Ringling College of Art and Design, 1 min 54 sec

After meeting through a game of locker room towel tag, two funky clay dudes discover the musicality of their butt cheeks. Inspired, they are transported into a 1980s music video fantasy.



Written by Hané Harnett, Co-directed/Co-produced by Hannah Papa, Co-directed by Victor Uzcategui, Co-produced by Olivia Adams, University of Central Florida, 7 min 6 sec

Circa 2100s, a young scavenger breaks into a long-abandoned lab seeking treasure to eventually sell for profit, but instead awakens a robot that teaches her the importance of companionship.



Written/Directed by Pierce Thomas, Produced by Amal Qureshi, Florida State University, 5 min 30 sec

Forgiveness is the last thing on Elliott’s mind as he empties the house he inherited from his late father – intent on selling it – until he uncovers a premeditated letter left by the abusive parent. Painted memories overwhelm him as he reads, forcing Elliott to relive a traumatic past.



Written/Directed by Ryan Lilienfield, Produced by Gabrielle Chapman, Florida State University, 5 min 55 sec

Foresight was birthed from a single existential question: if my father, a homosexual man, could go back in time, having the relationship he has with his two children, would he live his life truthfully as an openly gay man or would he do it all the same way?



Directed/Produced by Corey Marr & Lisa Mills, University of Central Florida, 18 min

An intimate look inside the world of a Special Olympian–Becky Richter.



Written/Directed by Maci Parker, Produced by Ian Linn, Florida State University, 6 min 1 sec

Somewhere along the Florida/Georgia line, a teen girl living in a trailer park cares for her younger brother. With the small but deeply intimate circle of her brother and her best friend, she navigates the apocalyptic feelings of her harsh environment and coming of age.

2023, Total Running Time: 90 Minutes

  • In partnership with Full Sail University
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