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Once twenty-something Scott Weaver (Platt) receives the call from his step-mother (Brown) that his father has passed away in his sleep, he is acutely unaware of how this will affect his dream of moving to Paris to complete his first novel. Just days away from packing up and boarding the trans-Atlantic flight, Scott must pick up his schizophrenic sister, Cindy (Kirke) for the last viewing of their father’s body before his cremation. However, this is just the beginning of Scott’s new responsibility of being a legal guardian, as he is Cindy’s sole capable living family member. The following days are filled with Scott dealing with Cindy’s mental illness unlike he has ever experienced before – her removal from her Halfway House residence due to her behavioral issues, taking her in as a roommate, and finding her a new and appropriate home. Along the way he is realizing her social inappropriateness and unpredictability are beyond his scope of care and understanding. How will Scott manage being responsible for Cindy’s well-being while realizing his dream of moving to Paris?

USA, 2021, 90 minutes, Rated PG-13, Directed by Peter Sattler

  • “Kirke and Platt put in terrific performances that generate a sense of behavioral authenticity…”

    – Brian Orndorf, BLU-RAY.COM
  • “Kirke, best known as Hailey on Amazon's ‘Mozart in the Jungle’, is exceptional in a role that could be a real breakout for her.”

  • “’Broken Diamonds’ may go for humor, but when it comes to schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, it should help in breaking down the stigma.”

    – Danielle Solzman, SOLZY AT THE MOVIES
  • “Both Platt and Kirke are excellent at avoiding antiquated tropes about mental illness in this realistic story that's written from the heart.”

    – Randy Myers, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS
  • “A topical and emotionally accessible film that should easily connect with sympathetic viewers, particularly those familiar with the debilitating effects of chronic mental health issues.”

  • “Broken Diamonds is a beautiful, real, raw, emotional journey... Both Platt and Kirke absolutely shine in their roles”

    —Tessa Smith, Mama's Geeky
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