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PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money

PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money

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PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money

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As imaginative as the creative process it documents A DOG CALLED MONEY is a uniquely intimate journey through the inspiration, writing and recording of a PJ Harvey record.

Writer and musician Harvey and award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy sought first-hand experiences of the countries she wanted to write about. Harvey accompanied Murphy on some of his worldwide reporting trips, joining him in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Washington DC. Harvey collected words, Murphy collected images.

Back home, the words become poems, songs and then an album, which was recorded in an unprecedented art experiment in Somerset House, London. In a specially constructed room behind one-way glass, the public – all cameras surrendered — are invited to watch the five-week process as a live sound-sculpture. Murphy exclusively documents the experiment with the same forensic vision and private access as their travels.

By capturing the immediacy of their encounters with the people and places they visited, Murphy shows the humanity at the heart of the work, tracing the sources of the songs, their special metamorphosis into recorded music and ultimately cinema.

Ireland | UK | USA, 2019, 94 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Seamus Murphy

  • "The current trend in music videos is to pump them full of predators, pop sex, and outdated s/m imagery. In contrast, this unheralded piece (directed by Seamus Murphy) is a wisp of humanity celebrating the small things, including the wonderful singer herself."

    – Patti Smith
  • “[A] stunning ode to director Seamus Murphy's métier and PJ Harvey's collaborative genius.”

  • “Dynamic montages…among British musicians of the past 30 years, there has been no more urgent or adventurous figure than P.J. Harvey.”

    – Graham Fuller, SIGHT & SOUND
  • “Fascinating…confirms Harvey's position as a vital and relevant artist who thrives through collaboration and experimentation.”

    – Jamie Healy, RADIO TIMES
  • “Compelling…the tunes (Harvey) crafts for the resulting record are intricate and eclectic, but still honor the raw directness of her early work.”

    – Glenn Kenny, THE NEW YORK TIMES
  • “As a peek inside the artistic process, Murphy's film succeeds: it's the type of demystification that only serves to make the endeavor more remarkable.”

    – Hilary A. White, SUNDAY INDEPENDENT
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