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X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

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X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Roger Corman Tribute Film

Featuring a presentation by Dr. Peter Hancock, Pegasus Professor, Provost Distinguished Research Professor, and Trustee Chair at the University of Central Florida.

Dare to look into the eyes of madness! Fantastic tale of heart-pounding suspense, this harrowing and terrifying sci-fi shocker will fascinate horror film fans. Starring Oscar®-winner Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend), it charts the startling transformation of a doctor so blinded by ambition that he dares to glimpse eternity! When the brilliant Dr. Xavier (Milland) concocts a serum to improve human sight, he stumbles upon a formula for x-ray vision. Inspired by it’s awesome medical potential, but shunned by his short-sighted colleagues, the doctor tests the potion on himself, only to discover that his ability to see through walls, clothing and flesh is slowly eclipsed by and insatiable desire to look still further – even if it means seeing more than any mortal can bear!

Featuring brilliant direction by the great Roger Corman (A Bucket of Blood, Little Shop of Horrors) and a strong supporting cast that includes Harold J. Stone (The Wrong Man), John Hoyt (Blackboard Jungle) and comedy legend Don Rickles (Run Silent, Run Deep), you won’t want to miss this rare theatrical screening.

1963, 80 minutes, USA, Directed by Roger Corman, Unrated

  • In partnership with Science on Screen®: an initiative of the COOLIDGE CORNER THEATRE, with major support from the ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION
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  • “"X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes" bears comparison with the best films of the era…Corman was rarely to equal, never to better this effort.”

    – Nick Cramp, BBC
  • “The psychological nature of this tale's examination of a doctor with a God complex, to an extreme length, makes it a major classic of the sci-fi genre.”

    – C.H. Newell
  • “X is one of the cooler Sci-Fi films out there. It's probably the best film out of the American International Pictures library and it's the best thing Roger Corman ever had a hand in getting made.”

    – Todd Doogan, THE DIGITAL BITS
  • “"By turns lurid and disturbing, The Man with the X-Ray Eyes is a compelling piece of sci-fi pulp and one of Roger Corman's most effective movies."

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