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Father's Day featuring

Happy Gilmore

Dads, kick back your feet and enjoy a FREE BEER on us! Proof of Dadliness through a groan-worthy joke may be required.

All Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) has ever wanted is to be a professional hockey player. But he soon discovers he may actually have a talent for playing an entirely different sport: golf. When his grandmother (Frances Bay) learns she is about to lose her home, Happy joins a golf tournament to try and win enough money to buy it for her. With his powerful driving skills and foulmouthed attitude, Happy becomes an unlikely golf hero — much to the chagrin of the well-mannered golf professionals.

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1996, 92 Minutes, USA, PG-13, Directed by Dennis Dugan

  • "From beginning to end, there's not a slow moment in "Happy Gilmore," the Tiger Woods of gleefully idiotic comedy."

    - Phil Villarreal, ARIZONA DAILY STAR
  • "Sever those cerebral lobes, sit back, and enjoy a gleeful, energetically stupid comedy."

    - James Rocchi, NETFLIX
  • "Happy Gilmore provides Sandler with a perfect outlet for his character."

    - Jeffrey M. Anderson, COMBUSTIBLE CELLULOID
  • "Happy Gilmore has to be one the dumbest, most nonsensical movies I've ever seen. Yet, there's a good-natured spirit and sense of creativity to this film that most of Adam Sandler's projects haven't had for well over a decade. Plus the cast is funny and the characters are likable. The very definition of an enjoyable, goofball comedy."

    - NickyD, LETTERBOXD
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