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Wild at Heart

After serving prison time for a self-defense killing, Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) reunites with girlfriend Lula Fortune (Laura Dern). Lula’s mother, Marietta (Diane Ladd), desperate to keep them apart, hires a hit man to kill Sailor. But he finds a whole new set of troubles when he and Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe), an old buddy who’s also out to get Sailor, try to rob a store. When Sailor lands in jail yet again, the young lovers appear further than ever from the shared life they covet.

1990, 125 minutes, Rated R, Directed by David Lynch

  • "Joltingly violent, wickedly funny and rivetingly erotic."

    - Variety Staff, VARIETY
  • "Not for the weak of heart, one of the best Lynchian outings with some fantastically memorable dialogue."

    - Kenny Matheson, EMPIRE MAGAZINE
  • "There is no denying the fun to be had with Wild at Heart. Its irresistibly charismatic leads draw you into Lynch's anything goes, 50s-inflected nightmare with an ease and insanity that's unlike anything put to film before or after."

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