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Presented in split screen, VORTEX tells the story of an aging couple in a Paris apartment. As the mother (Françoise Lebrun) faces advancing dementia, the father (Dario Argento) tries to care for her while dealing with his own declining health, and their son (Alex Lutz) does his best in spite of his own significant personal problems. With this film, Director Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void, Climax, Irreversible) delivers a career best, finding a level of compassion and tenderness that sacrifices none of the visual excitement that has marked his best work.

France | Belgium | Monaco, 2021, 142 minutes, Not Rated, In English and French with English subtitles, Directed by Gaspar Noé

  • “A remarkable piece of filmmaking…anchored by two performances of astonishing commitment and emotional power.”

    —Justin Chang, LOS ANGELES TIMES
  • “With its distinctive double-frame visual style and a gritty approach to characters and situations, the film is bold and powerfully involving…”

    —Rich Cline, SHADOWS ON THE WALL
  • “Unrelenting and inconsolable, with a smattering of compassionate moments, the superb ‘Vortex’ brings to mind an observation attributed to actress Bette Davis, no less: Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

    —Steve Davis, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
  • “In terms of scope, ambition and execution, it's one of the finest pictures [Noé's] made.”

    —Xan Brooks, GUARDIAN
  • “A formally bold and distinctive drama, employing a meticulous aesthetic design and two superb lead performances to craft a chilling portrait of the end times."

    —–Nick Schager, THE DAILY BEAST
  • “With its uncommonly human touch and restless, unflinching visual aesthetic, ‘Vortex’ might well be Noe's finest and most thoughtful work.”

    —Jason Solomons, THE WRAP
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