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Tiger 24

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Riveting from start to finish, this fascinating documentary takes a deep dive into who is responsible when animals kill humans in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in India. The answer is a lot more complex than meets the eye. Filmmaker Warren Pereira introduces us to Ustad, aka “Tiger 24,” a gorgeous beast that’s been labeled a man-eater by the local government after being implicated in multiple attacks and apparently killing a man who has entered his territory. Removed from his natural habitat and locked up in a zoo, Ustad’s situation results in massive social uproar, activism, and legal battles all the way to the Supreme Court. Conservationists, bureaucrats, and local villagers all weigh in on this complex story of people trying (and failing) to live together with tigers.

USA/India, 2022, 90 min, Directed by Warren Pereira, In English and Hindi with English subtitles

  • “Incredible footage…Tiger 24 is a compelling and dramatic story for animal lovers and fans of crime procedurals.”

    – Alan Ng, FILM THREAT
  • “Wonderful…excellent footage…Pereira has a keen eye for details and interesting angles, giving the viewer a true sense of just how physically large Ustad, his mate, Noor, and their two cubs are against the vast landscape of Ranthambhore.”

    – Allison Rose, FLICK DIRECT
  • “Fascinating…This fine, intriguing documentary looks at the fragile relationship between man and animal.”

    – Christopher Lloyd, FILM YAP
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