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Inspired by true events, this religious satire brimming with vibrant color and irreverent glee explodes onto the screen right from its bravura opening sequence. When the sloppy escapades of a local drunkard result in a freak motorcycle accident that takes his life, his motorbike is salvaged and locked away at the nearby police headquarters. When the bike suddenly appears inexplicably back at the crash site the next day, the community becomes convinced that it is not only a miracle but an act of divinity. Soon after, locals begin making offerings to the motorbike altar, praying for salvation and worshiping the bike with a startling holy fervor. Filmmaker Ritwik Pareek’s cheeky, incisive caricature of religious zealotry and commercialized worship zooms along with kinetic editing, dynamic visuals, and a raucous sense of humor that makes for a singularly electrifying cinematic thrill ride and an exciting feature debut.

India, 2021, 107 min, Directed by Ritwik Pareek, In Hindi with English subtitles

  • “An intoxicating religious satire…Dug Dug asks how a culture might pour its anxieties into a supernatural mystery, and it answers in raucous fashion.”

    – Siddhant Adlakha, INDIEWIRE
  • “A vibrant film filled with delightful absurdity and intelligent satire (not to mention the terrific music), ‘Dug Dug’ is a cleverly designed, enjoyable debut film.”

    – Kristy Strouse, FILM INQUIRY
  • “Smart, sarcastic, and over-the-top eccentric in a Wes Anderson-meets-Quentin Dupieux sort of way.”

    – Louisa Moore, SCREEN ZEALOTS
  • “Deliriously delightful… ‘Dug Dug’ is cleverly crafted, with its sharp edits and evocative sound design lending some bite to the satire.”

    – Aparita Bhandari, GLOBE AND MAIL
  • “An alternately dark and freewheeling satire of religious commercialism.”

    – Jake Cole, SLANT MAGAZINE
  • “Ritwik Pareek's debut film is a masterclass in visual storytelling.”

    – Kurt Halfyard, SCREEN ANARCHY
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