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The Last Out

Winner: Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature (2021 Florida Film Festival)

Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Co-director Michael Gassert and subject Carlos Gonzalez will be in attendance for a post-film Q&A!

As a result of the U.S. embargo, Cuban-national baseball players must establish residency elsewhere to have a shot at playing in the major leagues in the U.S. Happy, Carlos, and Baro are three Cuban-born players risking everything to achieve their dreams. A Cuban-American sports agent in Los Angeles supports the players, paying for all of their training expenses, in exchange for 20% of their signing bonuses if they make it onto a pro team. But a threat looms for the players. If it seems like the player will not make it to the big leagues, they will find themselves cut loose and left alone with no way home in a strange country. The trials and tribulations of these three Cuban men’s journeys to get to the big leagues is beautifully presented in vivid, intimate, and frustrating detail in this Audience Award Winner for Best Film at the 2020 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

SPECIAL GUEST BIO: Carlos O. González

From the small pueblo of Mayari in Holguin Province, González was a formidable starting pitcher in the Serie Nacional for five years. Despite his relatively small stature for a pitcher (5’9”), Carlos dominated some of Cuba’s toughest hitters and pitched alongside New York Yankees’ fireballer Aroldis Chapman. In 2014, Carlos was convinced to leave Cuba to sign with Cuban-American sports agent Gustavo Dominguez and his Top Ten Sports operation in Costa Rica. With little more than a promise from strangers, Carlos took a chance on Gus and left for Costa Rica.

USA, 2020, 84 MIN, Unrated, Directed by Sami Khan and Michael Gassert

  • “A powerful true story of athletics and exile.”

    – Jordan Mintzer, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
  • “Taking audiences on an eventful journey, ‘The Last Out’ is an eye-opening example of the intersection of sports, geopolitics and individual liberty.”

    – Shane Slater, AWARDS RADAR
  • “An invigorating and eye-opening portrait of the pursuit of a dream.”

    – Pat Mullen, POV MAGAZINE
  • “It may be dizzying to see everything that's thrown at Oliveros, Gonzalez and Baro, but the filmmakers catch all of it with considerable grace.”

    – Steven Saito, MOVEABLE FEST
  • “Well-crafted and engaging.”

    – Kyle Bain, FILM THREAT
  • “The incredible journey of three people pursuing a dream.”

    – Ricardo Gallegos, LA ESTATUILLA
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