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Deadbeat at Dawn

“Jim Van Bebber’s shot-on-16mm masterpiece came careening out of Dayton, Ohio in 1988 like a runaway lawnmower blade, setting the standard for all nihilist street-gang movies to follow. Visceral, unspeakably violent, and fearless, Van Bebber could have easily lost his life making this film. You may lose yours watching it.” — Austin Film Society

Shot over the course of 4 years using his college tuition—an absolute definition of DIY filmmaking—DEADBEAT AT DAWN is a cult classic that deserves the moniker — an indie revenge movie with more thrills and bloody spills than all of Chuck Norris’ films combined. ‘80s visionary wunderkind Jim Van Bebber wrote, directed, did stunts and makeup FX for and starred in this raucous tale of Goose: a former gang leader whose girlfriend is slaughtered when he leaves the thug life behind. As he’s pulled back into the gang during an uneasy alliance, Goose exacts his head-crushing revenge… You will not believe your eyes when you see Van Bebber giving 1,000% during every frame of this film.

USA, 1988, 80 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Jim Van Bebber

  • “[The] finest movie that ever came out of Dayton, Ohio. “Deadbeat at Dawn” is one of the most violent, disgusting gang movies ever made. I loved it!”

    -Joe Bob Briggs
  • “A masterpiece in gritty, sleazy, low-budget, bloody violence and it is magnificent. With what appears to be about 12 bucks of budget, Van Bebber and his crew pull off a miracle.”

    -Shawn Thompson, Last Movie Outpost
  • “Deadbeat at Dawn” is “go for broke” filmmaking of the highest order. There’s never been anything quite like it.”

    -Daily Grindhouse
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