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Super Frenchie

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Super Frenchie provides an intimate look at the life of professional skier and BASE jumper Matthias Giraud, who stops at nothing to pursue his passion for adventure. The film follows Matthias as he dares ever more dangerous stunts while simultaneously falling in love and starting a family. The story takes a turn when Matthias suffers a catastrophic crash just days before the birth of his first child. After miraculously surviving, Matthias struggles to get back to the sport he loves while grappling with the effects it has on his young family. Ultimately he must decide if his passion for BASE jumping is worth the risk and how far he is willing to go to pursue it. This film uniquely combines the thrills of some of the world’s most extreme sports with Matthias’ personal journey to tell a story filled with both heart and excitement.

USA | France | Iceland | Switzerland, 2020, 77 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Chase Ogden

  • "Like fellow adrenaline junkie Alex Honnold, whose untethered attempts to scale the formidable El Capitan were chronicled in the Oscar-winning Free Solo, [skier/BASE jumper Matthias] Giraud’s white-knuckle pursuit, which takes him from Mt. Hood to the Matterhorn, doesn’t skimp on the anticipated wow factor."

    —Michael Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles Times
  • “A hilarious, jaw-dropping philosopher king.”

    – 60 MINUTES
  • “All in all, ‘Super Frenchie’ - a title that comes from the nickname that Giraud has given himself - is an exciting feature.”

  • “Watching the footage of Giraud BASE jumping is enough to make you hold your breath or grip the armrests of your chair.”

    – Mike McGranaghan, AISLE SEAT
  • “Captivating…whether jumping off a cliff or recounting his life’s experiences.”

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