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Exclusive 35mm presentation!

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

2022, 100 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Kyle Edward Ball

  • “Quiet horror at its finest. ‘Skinamarink’ isn’t scary because of what it depicts. It’s scary because it already knows that our imagination will do half of the work.”

    – K. Austin Collins, ROLLING STONE
  • “It’s a singular masterpiece that I can’t shake or keep from recommending…”

    - Jason Shawhan, NASHVILLE SCENE
  • “’Skinamarink’ is a downright evil film that isn’t afraid to stalk the emotional core of your nostalgia until it morphs into something unrecognizably petrifying.”

    – Lex Briscuso, INVERSE
  • “Evocative and experimental in melding incredible sound design with haunting visuals, it is one of the decade's most exciting cinematic visions that is certain to be one of the best films of the year.”

    – Chase Hutchinson, COLLIDER
  • “’Skinamarink’ is a truly singular experience, one that taps into the dormant fears that lie in our pre-adolescence and brings the unfamiliar to the familiar. It’s the scariest film I’ve seen in years.”

    – Jake Tropila, FILM INQUIRY
  • “A major debut from a filmmaker who is willing to tell horror stories in a way that's both different for the genre and yet also like something we’ve all experienced before.” – Brian Tallerico, ROGEREBERT.COM

    – Brian Tallerico, ROGEREBERT.COM
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