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She Mob

Shot on the sweaty backroads of Dallas and Waco, SHE MOB is an underground miracle that feels like an alt-Earth FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! as realized by a young John Waters. Big Shim (the incredible Marni Castle in dual roles!) is the cone-bra-wearing butch leader of a wild girl gang that’s running from the law. After kidnapping a gigolo named Tony, Shim and the girls demand a ransom from Tony’s wealthy lady keeper . . . OR ELSE!!

Produced and directed by NBC News veteran Maurice Levy (and disavowed by his entire family), and featuring actresses culled from Jack Ruby’s infamous Dallas nightclub, SHE MOB is an essential jewel in the other-dimensional vortex known as Texploitation.

1968, 82 minutes, USA, Directed by Harry Wuest, Unrated

  • “Let’s all strap on some black garters, ogle weird-breasted women and go-go dance for gender equality together. Viva la revolution, viva la Big Shim and viva la Harry Wuest for blessing the world with this joyful, demented 1960’s gem"

    - Heather Drain, THE LAST DRIVE-IN
  • “Demented and fun-filled, She Mob is a riot and a half… It’s time to GO-GO wild”

    – Loron Hayes, REEL REVIEWS
  • “Sweat-soaked and surprisingly kinky lesbian exploitation feature that feels like a Texan drag parody of a Russ Meyer drama”

    – Elizabeth Purchell, ASK ANY BUDDY
  • “Sleazy, sexy, and goofy as hell but I f***king loved it.”

  • “The glory of trashy exploitation cinema is that it often looks stylistically stunning and this is no exception. Love the bizarre camera angles. Big Shim Supremacy."

    – Annie Rose Malamet, GIRLS, GUTS, & GIALLO
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