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Little Nicky

In a perfect world, he’d be happy to head-bang in his room all day to heavy metal music. But no, his mom is an angel, his old man is the devil, and like all good fathers, he insists that Nicky get involved in the “family business.” Nicky could think of 666 things he’d rather be doing than corrupting souls or spewing evil, but when his father’s command over Hades is threatened by his bullying older brothers, it’s up to unbalanced Nicky to restore the balance between Good and Evil on earth.

2000, 90 minutes, USA, Directed by Steven Brill

  • “It would be hyperbole to argue that the road to movie hell is entirely paved with Adam Sandler's crude intentions -- but the guy sure has made a heck of a start."

    – Rick Groen, GLOBE AND MAIL
  • “Maybe Adam Sandler really has some familial connections with the Devil.”

    – Michael Dequina, THEMOVIEREPORT.COM
  • “So imperatively, impishly awful that an alert viewer past the mental age of 13 has one choice: to run away screaming or just relax and enjoy it.”

  • “Like spending 84 minutes in hell.”

    – Christy Lemire, ASSOCIATED PRESS
  • “To call it moronic is unkind to morons.”

    – Susan Granger, REC.ARTS.MOVIES
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