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Satanic Hispanics

​​Satanic  Hispanics  is  an  anthology  of  5  short  films from  some  of  the  leading  Latin  filmmakers  in  the horror genre, spotlighting Hispanic talent both in front and behind the camera. 

When police raid a house in El Paso, they find it full of dead Latinos, and only one survivor. He’s known as The Traveler, and when they take him to the station for questioning, he tells them those lands are full of magic and talks about the horrors he’s encountered in his long time on this earth, about portals to other worlds, mythical creatures, demons and the undead. Stories about Latin American legends.

2023, 105 Minutes, USA, Featured Directors: Alejandro Brugués, Mike Mendez, Demián Rugna, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Eduardo Sánchez, Demián Rugna

  • "A horror anthology that celebrates Hispanic heritage and produces an eclectic mix of tales that take bold, diverse swings. That variation provides a strange yet captivating journey."

    - Meagan Navarro, BLOODY DISGUSTING
  • "An absolute blast of gore, laughter and surprising emotional heft."

    - Matthew Jackson, PASTE MAGAZINE
  • "A great and unique horror anthology complimented by the massive cast and excellent creative team."

    - Felix Vasquez Jr., CINEMA CRAZED
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