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Riders of Justice

Winner! Audience Award for Best International Feature — 2021 Florida Film Festival

One Week Only!

Certified Fresh with 88% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Genre player and dark humorist screenwriter/director Jensen reunites with some of his regulars—Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Nicolas Bro—for this comedic and dramatic crime thriller. Mikkelsen (TV’s Hannibal) plays Marcus, a recently deployed military man whose wife is killed in a train accident. When he returns home to raise his teenaged daughter, a motley trio of damaged statistics and tech geeks convince him the tragic incident wasn’t random at all. They secretly band together to avenge the attack. Explosive and violent, incongruously humorous, and unexpectedly moving, the film follows the avengers’ assault on the Riders of Justice motorcycle gang, ultimately becoming justice riders themselves. Always center stage is the broken father-daughter relationship, with each reacting differently, not only to one another but to their shared sudden loss. Along the way, all of them learn to help heal each other and be present and grateful for those they love.

Denmark, 2020, 116 minutes, In Danish with English subtitles, Directed by Anders Thomas Jensen

  • “Deliciously, blackly entertaining.”

    – Jay Weissberg, VARIETY
  • “Five years since the delirious oddity that was ‘Men & Chicken,’ Jensen gets members of the old band back together for a thrilling, poignant film which sees writer-director and cast on top form.”

    – Matthew Anderson, CINEVUE
  • “With a tone that's perfectly balanced between brutal violence and pitch-black humor, which will have you laughing out loud at times, it manages to… elevate itself above the usual revenge thriller fare."

    – Daryl MacDonald, FILM INQUIRY
  • “An undeniably winning crowd pleaser thanks to the oddball humor, the well-staged action beats and the strong performance from Mikkelsen that holds all of the elements in check.”

    – Peter Sobczynski, EFILMCRITIC.COM
  • “[I]t's stylishly executed and Mikkelsen is mesmerizing in the lead.”

    – Alistair Harkness, SCOTSMAN
  • “Salty, violent, transgressive, button-pushing, non-PC and laugh-out-loud funny at times - and when you're not gasping or laughing, it's only to wonder at the mind which pulled all of this together.”

    – Fionnuala Halligan, SCREEN INTERNATIONAL
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