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Winner! Grand Jury Award, Narrative Feature -- 2022 Florida Film Festival

A Florida Film Festival favorite returns to the big screen! 

Wallflower Lennon Gates (Sylvie Mix) yearns for access to the inner sanctum of the underground music scene in Columbus, Ohio. When she creates a podcast to interview the local artists she adores, Lennon discovers her own musical ambitions, develops a fast friendship with the striking, confident performer Bobbi Kitten, and in the process creates an identity not wholly her own. Soon, Lennon’s aspirations, with some constructive coaxing from Bobbi to find her voice, lead her down a path of dark obsession.

USA, 2021, 87 minutes, Directed by Ori Sagev and Noah Dixon

  • “Spiky, funny, feverish, and more than a little nail-biting.”

    – Kate Erbland, INDIEWIRE
  • “Certainly, [it's] a love letter to underground, local music scenes generally. But [‘Poser’ is] also exploring the boundaries of artistic integrity and...the result is thrilling.”

    – Marisa Carpico, THE POP BREAK
  • “The whole thing is oddly beautiful, absurdly compelling and even freakishly watchable.”

    – Tomris Laffly, VARIETY
  • “Brilliant…compelling…a biting satire that is an impressive showcase for a truly exciting collection of artists while telling a story of someone with a deep case of imposter syndrome…”

    – Stephen Saito, MOVEABLE FEST
  • “…An impressive debut for not only the directors but also Mix and Kitten, who create a simmering tension between them.”

    – Christian Gallichio, THE PLAYLIST
  • “With two fascinating lead performances, wonderful music, and Logan Floyd’s hypnotic cinematography, there’s a lot about ‘Poser’ that is worth checking out.”

    – Lee Jutton, FILM INQUIRY
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