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How to Have Sex

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Winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, HOW TO HAVE SEX is a vibrant and authentic depiction of the agonies, ecstasies and ride-or-die glory of young female friendship, from rising British filmmaker Molly Manning Walker. Three British teenage girls go on a rites-of-passage holiday, drinking, clubbing and hooking up in what should be the best summer of their lives. As they dance their way across the sun-drenched streets of Malia, they find themselves navigating the complexities of sex, consent and self-discovery. Captured with luminous visuals and a pitch-perfect soundtrack, Manning Walker’s directorial debut paints a painfully familiar portrait of young adulthood, and how first sexual experiences should – or shouldn’t – play out.

2023, 91 Minutes, UK, Directed by Molly Manning Walker, Not Rated

  • “’How to Have Sex’ winds up delivering on the promise of its title, as this is a truly instructive film about sexual politics, though a remarkable one for largely leaving emotions unresolved and relationships feeling messy."

    – Clayton Dillard, SLANT MAGAZINE
  • “A genuinely poignant, tender and provocative coming of age story. Mia McKenna-Bruce gives a raw and radiant breakthrough performance.”

    – Avi Offer, NYC MOVIE GURU
  • “Finding nuance and emotional depth in the unlikeliest of places — a spring break beach trip — this British drama evolves into a quietly powerful exploration of teenage sexual politics and consent.”

    – Todd Jorgensen, CINEMALOGUE
  • “Molly Manning Walker’s first film is an exciting, powerful, and incredibly assured drama. The performances are across the board excellent, and McKenna-Bruce holds the screen with her mix of vulnerability and brash good time girl bravado.”

    – John Bleasdale, CINEVUE
  • “Walker often lets the camera linger on McKenna-Bruce’s face and eyes that convey all the things she can’t find the words for. It is a shattering performance and made all the more devastating because it’s so subtle.”

    – Lindsey Bahr, ASSOCIATED PRESS
  • “This is fresh, passionate, and remarkably assured filmmaking, made with ample energy and even more exhilarating clarity of vision.”

    – Isaac Feldberg, ROGEREBERT.COM
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