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Certified Fresh with 97% on Rotten Tomatoes!

A universal story of friendship, rebellion, and the irresistible power of music set against the backdrop of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994, which banned unlicensed raves across the UK, Beats follows best friends and polar opposites Johnno and Spanner who, realizing they are destined for different futures, sneak out to an illegal party in pursuit of one last crazy night together.

UK, 2019, 101 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Brian Welsh

  • "Euphoric Brit Grit. Infectiously enjoyable"

    —Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter
  • "Terrific! A druggy, mind-blowing, eye-opening, open-air, law-defying rave"

    —Amy Taubin, Film Comment
  • "Raggedly exuberant. A vivid trip down memory lane. A triumphant vision of a bigger, freer world"

    —Guy Lodge, Variety
  • "An ecstatic must-see"

  • “Coming on like Shane Meadows at 140BPM, ‘Beats’ is a truly heartfelt rites-of-passage tale - an immersive, intoxicating portrayal of the rave scene at its peak.”

    – Dan Jolin, EMPIRE MAGAZINE
  • “’Beats’ pulls off the tricky task of delivering a culturally specific coming-of-age movie in a way feels simultaneously cutting edge yet affectionate.”

    – Alistair Harkness, SCOTSMAN
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