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All My Friends Hate Me

Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Fresh from a stint abroad working with refugees, Pete is ready to move on from his youthful days of indulgence and settle down with his girlfriend, the smart and principled Sonia. But when Pete’s old friends invite him for a weekend away to celebrate his birthday, he finds their immature ways and cruel sense of humor have hardly changed since university. What’s more, he’s troubled by their spontaneous decision to invite a feral stranger from the local pub to join their festivities. Throughout the weekend, the atmosphere progresses from uncomfortable to terrifying to downright surreal, as Pete is pushed to breaking point, desperately trying to unearth what’s going on. Is he being paranoid, or is he just part of some sick joke?

UK, 2021, 93 minutes, Rated R, Directed by Andrew Gaynord

  • "A weekend retreat for a quartet of college friends makes one want to crawl out of their skin in a brilliant black comedy."

    —Stephen Saito, MOVEABLE FEST
  • "Andrew Gaynord's darkly funny feature debut deftly pushes social anxiety, tension, and humor so far that it becomes inseparable from horror."

    —Meagan Navarro, BLOODY DISGUSTING
  • "A funny, horrible, ordeal-by-comedy that may prove uncomfortably recognizable to anyone who has ever wondered why on earth every single other person in the room is behaving like such a knob."

    —Jessica Kiang, VARIETY
  • "The way All My Friends Hate Me builds up suspense is impressive. It makes for an uncomfortable ride at times, but that's the point."

    —Rob Aldam, BACKSEAT MAFIA
  • "Somewhat disorienting and riddled with deep-rooted anxiety, fear, and uncertainty that is expertly portrayed, All My Friends Hate Me is a standout."

    —Mae Abdulbaki, SCREEN RANT
  • "It is a film about the horrors of class identity, reunions, and social anxiety made wonderfully watchable."

    —Emily Maskell, WE LOVE CINEMA
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