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All Is True

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Actor/director Kenneth Branagh brings a lifetime of Shakespearean experience to All is True, his intimate and revelatory portrait of the Bard of Avon in the last act of his life. It’s 1613. The Globe Theatre has burned to the ground, and the great poet and dramatist retires to his family home in Stratford-upon-Avon. There his long-suffering wife Anne Hathaway (Judi Dench) and his scandal-plagued and resentful daughters await him, and he is haunted by the ghost of his son Hamnet, who died at 11. He also receives a visit from the Earl of Southampton (Ian McKellen), the great unrequited love of his life, the man to whom he wrote his coded love sonnets. As one would expect from these dramatic titans, Branagh and McKellen create heart-stopping magic on screen. A warm and wryly comic inquiry into the mystery and mechanism of genius, this is a fascinating, deeply felt portrait of a flawed and all too human giant as he comes to terms with his legacy as an artist and as a man.

UK, 2018, 101 minutes, Rated PG-13, Directed by Kenneth Branagh

  • “All Is True is just what you would want for a Shakespeare biopic directed by Kenneth Branagh - it's touching and impeccably well-acted, with great turns from the director and on-screen wife Judi Dench.”

    – Lewis Knight, DAILY MIRROR (UK)
  • “ (A) lovely ode to a literary master.”

    – Ella Taylor, NPR
  • “A fiercely intelligent and poignant drama about family, grief and the tyranny of genius.”

    – Kevin Maher, TIMES (UK)
  • “The audience is treated to what amounts to nothing short of a Christmas gift for any Anglophile or Shakespeare lover.”

  • “A charming, surprisingly salty take on a story that ... is told less often than one might expect.”

    – Donald Clarke, IRISH TIMES
  • “If 1998's thoroughly enjoyable and Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love captured the man in the first bloom of genius then Branagh's beautifully made and melancholic love letter is a fitting salute to the Bard as he slips off his mortal coil.”

    – Alan Corr, RTE (Ireland)
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