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Wild Things

25th Anniversary Showing!

A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high school guidance counselor, when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.

1998, 108 minutes, Rated R, Directed by John McNaughton

  • "Lurid, trashy, and shockingly intelligent, Wild Things will surprise you like few films can."

    - Trace Thurman, BLOODY DISGUSTING
  • "In the universe of Wild Things, innocence is a particularly lethal demon -- if it doesn't get you killed, it becomes too expensive to hang on to. To play this theme for such delicious, wicked laughs is a mark of true imaginative intelligence."

    - F.X. Feeney, L.A. WEEKLY
  • "Director John McNaughton's grip is a bawdy mix of suspense, sex and silliness, all served up with a huge tongue sticking in his cheek. It's a foamy mix, topped off by highly charged performances."

  • "Wild Things is the kind of movie that gives gratuitous sex and violence a good name."

    - Norman Wilner, TORONTO STAR
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