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Trash Humpers

Special 15th Anniversary — 35mm Screening!

Uncomfortable Brunch take-over!

Scuzz poet Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers, AGGRO DR1FT) takes a dumpster dive into the freakiest fringes of weirdo America with this singular paragon of pop-art transgression. Shot on appropriately grimy VHS, TRASH HUMPERS brings us a gang of elderly degenerates who film themselves in the backlots and alleyways of Nashville, drinking heavily, defiling garbage and anything else at hand, and spreading destruction wherever they go. An unclassifiable work of post-cinema that plays like the most bizarrely unsettling home movie ever uncovered in a flea-market bargain bin, TRASH HUMPERS is graced with the strange beauty and proudly outsider spirit that runs through all of Korine’s films.

Freaky Fridays’ programmers Tim Anderson and Paige Babbage are out of town this month, so they’ve handed the reins over to Joshua Martin and Kat Whitacre of Uncomfortable Brunch.  And combined, they are promising you one of the most legendary evenings of cinema this year!

2009, USA, 78 minutes, Directed by Harmony Korine, Unrated

  • “This is counter-cinema at its best. For every insipid, corporate-led blockbuster that comes hurtling out of Hollywood, something as gross, coarse and provocative as Trash Humpers must counteract.”

    – Shelley Jones, LITTLE WHITE LIES
  • “It is an exercise in experimental provocation and in pure insolence, while sometimes being horribly funny and fascinating, reviving the spirit of Tod Browning's Freaks and the ice-cold vision of Diane Arbus.”

    - Peter Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN
  • “A gang of elderly morons have sex with garbage. What more can I say about Trash Humpers?”

    – Peter Keough, BOSTON PHOENIX
  • “If the family from A Texas Chainsaw Massacre made a version of Jackass it would probably look like this.”

    – Grooveman, LETTERBOXD
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