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Tokyo Gore Police

15th Anniversary

Blood, guts and guns are the new normal in the new police state! In the near future, the Tokyo Police Corporation wages a blood-splattered war with the Engineers, a genetically modified group of super-criminals. These mutant mobsters can bio-fuse and surgically implant weapons into their anatomy, turning self-mutilation and body modification into a lethal form of performance art. Meet Ruka, the daughter of a brutally slain police officer, the Corporation’s deadliest Engineer Hunter. With cold-blooded efficiency, she slices and dices her way through the crime world and discovers a lair that operates as the underworld’s freakish fetish club! But no amount of fear can deter Ruka from fulfilling her sworn duty and avenging her father’s death.

Winner of Best Asian Film at the Fantasia Film Festival this brutal action-comedy stars J-Horror icon Eihi Shiina (Takashi Miike’s AUDITION) and is directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura, the special effects visionary behind MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (2010).

2008, 110 minutes, Japan, in Japanese with English Subtitles, directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura, Not Rated

  • “Quite possibly the goriest, craziest, most eye-blowing, chunk-spewing, head-exploding sci-fi movie of all time.”

    – V.A. Musetto, NEW YORK POST
  • “Propelled by geysers of blood and tidal waves of neuroses, Tokyo Gore Police plumbs wounds both cultural and physical to deliver splatterific social satire.”

    – Jeannette Catsoulis, NEW YORK TIMES
  • “All the open wound, flying body extremities, and biochemical mutated external flesh damage to make your eyes bleed, body-horror so shockingly graphic it’ll keep you up at night.”

    – chris_ofdeath, LETTERBOXD
  • “Sick, twisted and gory, but surprisingly funny”

    – Michael Esposito, CHICAGO TRIBUNE
  • “GoreGasmic Cinema of Epic Proportions!”

    – Juli Norwood, LETTERBOXD
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