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The Social Network

In 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer genius Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) begins work on a new concept that eventually turns into the global social network known as Facebook. Six years later, he is one of the youngest billionaires ever, but Zuckerberg finds that his unprecedented success leads to both personal and legal complications when he ends up on the receiving end of two lawsuits, one involving his former friend (Andrew Garfield). Based on the book “The Accidental Billionaires.”

2010, 120 Minutes, USA, Directed by David Fincher, Rated PG-13

  • "A rich, understated character drama that gleefully exposes the petty playground politics at the centre of one of the internet-era's most bitter court cases."

    - Damon Wise, EMPIRE MAGAZINE
  • "What looks on paper like a static series of dead-end conversations comes to life as a vital, engaging, even urgent parable for our age."

    - Ann Hornaday, WASHINGTON POST
  • "The Social Network is terrific entertainment - an unlikely thriller that makes business ethics, class distinctions and intellectual-property arguments sexy"

    - Bob Mondello, NPR
  • "What a joy to sit in a theater and be engaged, surprised, challenged, amused."

    - Dana Stevens, SLATE
  • "This account of Facebook's founder, and of the website's explosive growth, quickly lifts you to a state of exhilaration, and pretty much keeps you there for two hours."

    - Joe Morgenstern, WALL STREET JOURNAL
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