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Prior to the film screening, enjoy a presentation by Dr. Sarah Silverman, followed by a brief Q&A. The presentation will explore several fascinating sleep phenomena, common misconceptions about sleep, and the importance of prioritzing sleep health. We’ll review some research from the field of sleep medicine and specifically behavioral sleep medicine, or sleep psychology. Millions of Americans struggle with sleep or don’t get enough hours of sleep each night. Dr. Silverman will provide an overview of the latest sleep facts and a few practical tips to optimize your sleep.

8:30-9PM: Doors are open for theater seating
9PM: A presentation on the science of sleep by Dr. Sarah Silverman
9:20-9:30PM: Q&A
9:30PM: Film begins
11:15PM: Film ends

Dr. Sarah Silverman is a Stanford-trained Sleep Psychologist and sleep wellness consultant at the Orlando Sleep Medicine Center, part of the Neurological Services of Orlando. An expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBTi), Dr. Silverman uses a personalized and non-medication treatment approach for a wide variety of sleep concerns including chronic insomnia, sleep medication/sleep aid use, difficulty using CPAP therapy for the treatment of sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, and chronic nightmares. Her interests include insomnia and sleep apnea management in women and older adults as well as circadian rhythm optimization for night owls.

Follow and connect on social media @drsarahsleep. For more information about behavioral sleep medicine and/or treatment for chronic sleep problems, visit

The Science of Sleep:
Soon after the death of his father, a distraught young man (Gael García Bernal) begins a job as a graphic designer, but has little chance to create. His intense dreams begin to overtake his waking life and he becomes increasingly caught up in flights of fancy. His hyperactive imagination then begins to interfere with his courtship of a pretty neighbor (Charlotte Gainsbourg).

France | Italy | USA, 2006, 105 minutes, Rated R, In English, French, and Spanish with English subtitles, Directed by Michel Gondry

  • In partnership with Science on Screen, An initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre. With major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
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