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The Muppet Movie

Free for kids 12 and under!

After Kermit the Frog decides to pursue a movie career, he starts his cross-country trip from Florida to California. Along the way, he meets and befriends Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and rock musicians Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. When Kermit is offered a job by Doc Hopper (Charles Durning) to advertise the fried frog legs at his restaurant chain, Kermit turns Hopper down. However, Hopper refuses to relent and pursues Kermit and his companions to a final showdown.

1979, 94 minutes, Rated G, Directed by James Frawley

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  • "Jim Henson, Muppet originator, and Frank Oz, creative consultant, have abandoned the successful format of their vidshow, and inserted their creations into a well-crafted combo of musical comedy and fantasy adventure."

  • "If you can figure out how they were able to show Kermit pedaling across the screen, then you are less a romantic than I am: I prefer to believe he did it himself."

    - Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
  • "There are few things as pure and inspirational (in all senses of the word) as The Muppet Movie."

    - Jason Shawhan, NASHVILLE SCENE
  • "'The Muppet Movie' is one big road trip, and like 'The Blues Brothers' there's a payoff not just at the end, but around nearly every corner. Music only sweetens the deal."

    - James Plath, MOVIE METROPOLIS
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