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The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie

  • 8:00 PM, 7/11Thu, 7-11, 8:00 PM
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    The LEGO Movie

    Emmet (Chris Pratt), an ordinary LEGO figurine who always follows the rules, is mistakenly identified as the Special — an extraordinary being and the key to saving the world. He finds himself drafted into a fellowship of strangers who are on a mission to stop an evil tyrant’s (Will Ferrell) plans to conquer the world. Unfortunately for Emmet, he is hopelessly — and hilariously — unprepared for such a task, but he’ll give it his all nonetheless.

    2014, 95 Minutes, PG, Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

    • "It’s a non-stop blast from beginning to end, jam-packed with a wacky irreverence, dazzling state-of-the-art CGI (courtesy of Animal Logic) and a pitch-perfect voice cast headed by Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Ferrell."

      - Michael Rechtshaffen, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
    • "The Lego Movie is an absolute blast—a whip-smart, surprisingly emotional family film where the toy property is seen less as a concrete template than a tool for seemingly limitless potential."

      - Drew Taylor, THE PLAYLIST
    • "The funniest, cleverest, most exhaustingly exhilarating animated feature in ages."

      - Richard Corliss, TIME
    • "The LEGO Movie is the kind of animated free-for-all that comes around very rarely, if ever: A kids’ movie that matches shameless fun with razor-sharp wit, that offers up a spectacle of pure, freewheeling joy even as it tackles the thorniest of issues."

      - Bilge Ebiri, NEW YORK MAGAZINE (VULTURE)
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