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The Killer Robots! Robotica Destructiva

The Killer Robots! Robotica Destructiva

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The Killer Robots! Robotica Destructiva


A trio of android warrior sisters are awakened from a 10,000 year sleep to do battle with a series of mechanized warlords and other assorted killer robots.

Orlando’s The Killer Robots! is an intergalactic multimedia project that is equal parts GWAR, Kiss, Alice Cooper, bizzarro comic books and old sci-fi movies!  Formed in 2004 they quickly became known for their anarchic stage shows and goofball music. Knowing that the denizens of Central Florida could handle the madness, they organized a guerilla theater troupe for every show they played in order to maximize the chaos.  In 2016 they broke into the world of feature films with the release of The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn!  Now, 6 years later they return with the unstoppable force that is Robotica Destructiva!

Prepare to do battle Enzian!  Freaky Fridays will never be the same.

2023, USA, 78 Minutes, Directed by Sam Gaffin

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