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The Doom Generation

A special brunch menu will be served in lieu of our normal menu during this program!


Brand New 4K Restoration!

Headed home after a wild night at a Los Angeles club, young lovers Jordan White (James Duval) and Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) pick up a dangerously handsome drifter named Xavier Red (Johnathon Schaech). Jordan doesn’t see a problem with offering Xavier a quick ride, but his acid-tongued girlfriend thinks he’s a creep. When Xavier inadvertently kills a convenience store clerk, they are forced to go on the run, traversing a bizarre and ultra-violent America. Somehow, every random thug, drive-thru operator, and neo-Nazi they encounter seem to recognize Amy as a past fling or alter ego, adding to the already explosive sexual tension brimming among the renegade trio.

Restored in 4K with scenes edited for its theatrical release in 1995, this version reflects the director’s cut.  Special thanks to Gregg Araki and Strand Releasing.

1995, 83 minutes, USA, Unrated, Directed by Gregg Araki

  • “A savagely funny ride fueled by Araki’s insight and blunt compassion.”

    - Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE
  • “A nihilistic comedy about a trio of alienated youngsters, pic is bold not only in its art design, but also in its narrative and tone, a mixture of satire and horror with heavy dosage of steamy sex and macabre violence.”

  • “As a stylish black comedy, it is impressively uncompromising and should be applauded.”

    - Joyce Dundas, EMPIRE MAGAZINE
  • “An arty atrocity for thugs and sub-literates that makes Natural Born Killers look like The Sound of Music.”

    – Hal Hinson, WASHINGTON POST
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