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The Black Hole

Enzian has partnered with the Smithsonian Institute for a special screening of The Black Hole as a part of National Science on Screen Night!

Event Timeline:
8:10 PM: Doors Open for the Theater
8:30 PM: Guest Speaker Dr. Matthew Shindell begins presentation
9PM: Film Begins

Dr. Matthew Shindell is a historian of science whose work focuses on the history of the earth and planetary sciences, with an emphasis on the development of research programs in these fields during the Cold War. He curates the Museum’s collection of spacecraft, instruments, and other artifacts related to the exploration and study of the solar system. He will give a presentation prior to the screening of The Black Hole.

The Black Hole:
In the future, a spaceship dubbed the USS Palomino is on its way back to Earth when it discovers another ship that had been assumed missing, the USS Cygnus. Kate McCrae (Yvette Mimieux), a scientist aboard the Palomino, learns that it’s the same ship upon which her father had served as a crew member. When the Palomino’s crew boards the Cygnus, they are met by Dr. Reindhardt (Maximilian Schell) and a bizarre, faceless army who plan to be the first people ever to explore a black hole.

USA, 1979, 98 minutes, Rated PG, Directed by Gary Nelson

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