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Summer of 84

Caleb Emery, one of the stars of the film who you may recognize from TV shows like Good Girls, Dear White People, or Vice Principals, will be in attendance on Saturday, August 18th for a Q&A after the film.

Every serial killer is somebody’s neighbor. The directing triumvirate—who unleashed a neo-1980s extravaganza with their last film Turbo Kid—are back, and this time they have set their sights on a small suburban town with a real mass-murder problem. In the middle of it all is Davey, a 15-year-old kid with nothing much to do this summer but hang out with his sex-obsessed friends. When Davey suspects the killer might be the kindly cop next door (Rich Sommer, GLOW, Mad Men), he convinces his friends and his ridiculously beautiful former babysitter to investigate. Could Davey possibly be right, or is it just his over-active imagination? While Summer of 84 might seem rooted in the success of similar nostalgic fare, it really owes more to true ‘80s gems like The ‘Burbs, The Goonies, and The Gate, where the films are fully committed to the peril their characters encounter without the benefit of pop culture hindsight. Because its intent is so pure, this midnight movie an entertaining thrill ride with a lot of heart and humor, that wouldn’t even seem a moment out of place if you had discovered it on an old RCA VHS tape that had been collecting dust in the back of your parents’ entertainment center.

USA | Canada, 2018, 105 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by François Simard, Anouk Whissell, & Yoann-Karl Whissell

  • “Once SUMMER OF 84 kicks in, it kicks hard…gains in interest and urgency as it goes.”

    – Alan Scherstuhl, VILLAGE VOICE
  • “This isn’t a STRANGER THINGS/IT knock-off, it really does do its own thing and has its own tone…and then that tone goes to some ridiculously dark places.”

    – Anthony Ray Bench, FILM THREAT
  • “Plenty of jolts…mystery-wise, the film teases viewers pretty effectively.”

  • “Yes, it’s derivative, but in a mostly well-constructed, engaging and highly creative way.”

    – Christopher Llewellyn Reed, HAMMER TO NAIL
  • “Outrageous…SUMMER OF 84 is a trashy classic that will absolutely rock midnight movie houses.”

    – J.R. Kinnard, POPMATTERS
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