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William Friedkin Tribute Month!

In the small South American town of Porvenir, four men on the run from the law are offered $10,000 and legal citizenship if they will transport a shipment of dangerously unstable nitroglycerin to an oil well 200 miles away. Led by Jackie Scanlon (Roy Scheider), the men set off on a hazardous journey, during which they must contend with dangerously rocky roads, unstable bridges, and attacks from local guerillas. The four fight for their lives as they struggle to complete their dangerous quest.

1977, 121 Minutes, USA, Directed by William Friedkin, Rated PG

  • "The director at his most brilliant and original."

    - Peter Keough, BOSTON GLOBE
  • "Sorcerer is a stunning reimagining of a masterpiece, one that crucially doesn't try to replicate what came before. Instead, it follows its own dangerous path."

    - Ian Schultz, LITTLE WHITE LIES
  • "Friedkin's Sorcerer is just as gripping and spine-tingling an adventure film as The Wages of Fear and, at times, surpasses the original film with breathtaking photography and a superb use of sound."

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