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Filmmaker Workshop

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Filmmaker Workshop

Two-Day Filmmaking Workshop for Educators
June 22nd & June 23rd from 10AM-2PM
$100 for both days or $60 each for Day 1 or Day 2

Teaching in the digital age requires educators to utilize video technology. However, creating high-quality videos can be expensive. This workshop will demonstrate simple techniques used by video production professionals that anyone can use to produce high quality videos at a very low cost. Using just a smart phone camera and inexpensive equipment of less than $100, anyone can create educational videos that will impress their students.

The workshop will be in two parts: Day 1 will show the simple production techniques of how to shoot a high-quality video. Day 2 will show how to bring all the elements together to finish the video. This will include how to get and utilize free editing software, screen capture software, and sound editing software to produce podcasts.

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