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Robot Monster (in 3-D)

It’s the end of the Hu-Man race as we know it! Alien visitor Ro-Man (regular gorilla impersonator George Barrows, wearing a hairy ape suit and a deep-sea diving helmet), wipes out most of the Earth’s population with his “awesome calcinator death ray.” There are six survivors who have taken a neutralizing serum: a scientist, a professor, the professor’s wife, and their three children. Ro-Man receives instructions from the leader of his planet, “The Great One” (also played by Barrows), on how to kill the survivors, but love gets in the way when Ro-Man falls for the professor’s comely eldest daughter. With echoes of King Kong, Ro-Man’s lustful desire makes him want to be Hu-Man too, and this will lead to his downfall. Made for a budget around $20,000, this cheapie camp classic just gets more ludicrous – and fun – with every sequence.  Part of the first wave of 3-D releases in early 1953, Robot Monster’s excellent stereoscopic effects have been lovingly restored by 3-D Film Archive in honor of the movie’s 70th anniversary.

1953, USA, 66 minutes, Unrated, Directed by Phil Tucker

  • “A man in a gorilla suit with a diving helmet and a bubble machine. Trash nirvana.”

  • “One of the most hackneyed, and lowest-budgeted, science-fiction films ever made.”

    – T.V. Guide
  • “A really terrible monster movie, but a really entertaining viewing experience.”

    – Rob Thomas, CAPITAL TIMES
  • “It’s cheesy, it's stupid, it's cheap, it’s nearly inept, but, by golly, it's a hoot to watch.”

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