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Pink Flamingos

Director John Waters breaks every rule of good filmmaking and good taste with his 1972 landmark cult classic, Pink Flamingos. Starring Divine, Mink Stole, and Edith Massey (an ensemble cast like you wouldn’t believe), this underground epic sets a benchmark for the bizarre that has never been equaled. Divine, whose star is so big she can hardly fit in the role, is Babs Johnson, a trailer park bon vivant who proudly claims the title “The Filthiest Person Alive.” She’s the envy of every neighborhood degenerate and it isn’t long before another couple sets their sights on Divine’s legacy, in the proud American tradition, competition forces each contender to outdo the other. By the time the film reaches its final, unforgettable scene…well…make sure you’ve already finished your popcorn.

USA, 1972, 93 minutes, NC-17, Directed by John Waters

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